Valentine’s is For Pasta Lovers

(BRAMPTON, January 25, 2013) – Canada’s premium pasta manufacturer Italpasta Limited declares that Valentine’s Day is For Pasta Lovers. The company, whose tagline is For Pasta Lovers, believes the association with Valentine’s Day is fitting because nothing says ‘I love you’ more than preparing a special home-cooked meal for the one(s) you love.

Joe Vitale, Founder, Italpasta Limited states, “Italpasta has always believed in the connection between the demonstration of love and the preparation of a home-cooked meal. As Julia Child once said – “I think careful cooking is love”, and we couldn’t agree more! So we’re helping Canadians turn what could be an ordinary pasta meal at home on February 14 into an extraordinary celebration of pasta love with this recipe-filled online promotion.”

“Although St. Valentine’s Day began as a celebration of one or more early Christian saints, it has evolved into an occasion for people to express their love for each other.” says Frank DeMichino, COO, Italpasta Limited. “Our company’s tagline is For Pasta Lovers — so why not embrace Valentine’s Day in all its glory? That’s why we’ve created our Valentine’s is For Pasta Lovers promotion – a fun way for consumers to engage with our brand on the most fundamental of all levels – demonstrating love through food preparation.”

Italpasta will countdown to Valentine’s Day with a 14-day extravaganza of recipes that even novice cooks can tackle (yes this means you too gentlemen!). Every day from February 1 – 14, Italpasta will post new Valentine-themed recipes and video tutorials that showcase their various pasta lines – including Total pasta, Gluten Free pasta, Wholesome Grains pasta, Oven Ready pasta and our Traditional Recipe pasta. And to help those who are looking to impress their sweetheart but may be a little lacking in the creative department, Italpasta will also offer some themed table settings geared towards a Valentine “personality” – the Romantic, the DIY, the Budget and the Mommy, complete with directions on how to create each one. The Valentine’s is for Pasta Lovers content will be shared via Italpasta’s social media outlets on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as their website

Italpasta Limited was founded in 1989 by Joseph Vitale. Thanks to a dedicated team, Italpasta is sold across the country and is a leader in the food service and private label sectors. Located in Brampton, Ontario, Italpasta also produces our high quality pasta for global markets including the United States, the Caribbean, the Philippines, and Asia. The company employs 300 people, including ten “pastaios” – pasta specialists with a long tradition in their craft. The pasta manufacturing plant is over 230,000 sq. ft. in size and is complimented by its own distribution centre that covers 300,000 sq. ft. with 20 receiving bays. Italpasta proudly uses only 100% Grade #1 Canadian durum semolina purchased from highly specialized durum wheat millers in Canada.

Contact: Laura Dal Bo, Brand Manager
Phone: 905-792-9928