Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

If you do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Department for assistance.

How much water should I use when cooking pasta?

Be sure to use a large enough pot with plenty of water, enough for the pasta to swim freely. Gummy or sticky pasta may be the result of using too little water or cooking the pasta longer than recommended. We recommend following the preparation instructions on your Italpasta package.

Should I add salt to the water?

We suggest using a traditional preparation method by adding 15 mL of salt to the boiling water but note that it is not mandatory to ensure proper cooking and can be eliminated for a sodium–reduced diet.

What is durum semolina?

Durum semolina is the main product of durum milling. It is courser than traditional flour (used for baking) produced in common wheat milling. Desirable characteristics for semolina include good colour, minimum bran specks, uniform granulation and a high amount of protein. Canada is the global supplier of high quality amber durum wheat. Canadian Western Amber Durum produces a high yield of semolina, with excellent pasta properties.

Is the serving size cooked or uncooked for the nutritional info?

All of our nutritional information is based on an uncooked measurement as required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

What does “al dente” mean?

“Al dente” refers to the desired texture of cooked pasta. It literally means “to the tooth”. When the pasta is cooked al dente, there should be a slight resistance, or firmness, in the center when the pasta is chewed. For best results, you should always follow the cooking time instructions on your Italpasta package.

How long can dry pasta be stored?

Dry pasta has a shelf life of approximately 2 years if stored in a cool and dry area. Please consult the expiry date on your Italpasta package.

What is whole grain whole wheat pasta?

Our Italpasta Wholesome Grains Whole Grain Whole Wheat pasta is made with the same care and quality as all our Italpasta products. Produced from 100% whole grain semolina, Whole Grain Whole Wheat pasta contains 9 grams of fibre and is an excellent source of protein at 11 grams. It is also naturally enriched with Iron and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B9.

How do you read the expiry date on Italpasta products?

For Italpasta cello packages, the expiry date is located on the front panel. It is a six-digit code stamped in black ink and reads as YEAR – MONTH – DAY. For example, 2009 SEP 28 indicates that the product will expire on September 28, 2009.

For Italpasta boxed packages, the expiry date is located on one of the top or side panels and follows the format listed above.

For Italpasta tomatoes and sauces, the expiry date is located on the cap. It contains both letters and numbers and is listed according to the Julian calendar. For example, 93TC 9134A would mean the 134th day of the year (365 days being in 1 year) and 9 represents the year. The expiry date is May 13, 2009.

Does Italpasta make note of allergens on your products?

Italpasta has a strong commitment to food safety programs, as demonstrated by our SQF Edition 9.0 certification. Italpasta produces a wide range of pasta recipes and makes every effort to ensure our packaging is labeled accordingly with allergen statements where required. Packaging should always be consulted for allergen statements. 

All Italpasta dry pasta contains wheat (and therefore gluten) and are declared with “Contains wheat” as a primary allergen statement. The Italpasta Gluten Free Pasta range is manufactured in a separate facility that is certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Program endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association.

Our manufacturing facility is not an egg-free facility.  Recently, Italpasta has had an increase in demand for egg-containing pasta, resulting in the implementation of a dedicated production line for egg pasta to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.  In close collaboration with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Italpasta has identified and established enhanced allergen control protocols, which have allowed us to remove the previous “May contain” statement and, out of an abundance of caution, apply a precautionary statement to products that are produced on the same line as egg-containing product to avoid any potential risks for our consumers.

Italpasta’s allergen control programs are strict and validated in a definite frequency which ensures that there is no cross contamination between our egg containing and regular products.

Should you have a question regarding allergens in a specific Italpasta product, please contact our Consumer Care department at or 1-800-361-8983.


How can I make a donation request?

Italpasta is committed to supporting our community and have been proudly supporting many local charities since we began over 25 years ago. If you are a registered charity and would like Italpasta to support your next initiative with an in-kind donation, please complete our Donation Request Form and follow the directions on the form for submission.

Please note that due to the number of requests we receive, only successful applicants are contacted.