Italpasta Soups and Rice

Italpasta Soups
Are you looking to add a little warmth to your meal during the winter? Try Italpasta soups available in five varieties: Traditional Sicilian Style Split Pea soup, Traditional Sicilian Style Lentil Soup, Traditional Neapolitan Style Minestrone, Traditional Tuscan Style White Bean Soup and Traditional Milanese Style Chicken Noodle Soup. All five flavours are available on the shelf or look for them in the Italpasta displayer.

Italpasta Rice
Rice is a staple food for many different cultures and a common alternative to pasta. Italpasta offers both a long grained and a short grained rice variety to help you get creative with your meals. Look for our Superfino Arborio Rice and our Italian Style Rice at a grocer near you.

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