Private Label

Private Label


Passion, innovation and excellence have been at the core of Italpasta since the company was founded in 1989.  We are committed to understanding your business and offering custom and efficient solutions that best suit your private label needs.

With a dedicated team of sales professionals and pasta specialists with a long tradition in their craft, we are focused on delivering best in class service to our private label customers across North America.

To reinforce our commitment to being a leader in pasta manufacturing, we continue to make capital investments in our state-of-the-art production facility to benefit you; and are proudly certified SQF 8.1 for both food safety and food quality.



We are Pasta Lovers. We pride ourselves on knowing our craft. Our expertise is unrivalled. The care we put into making the highest-quality pasta for your private label products is unrivalled. Pasta is made with only 2 ingredients – it’s what we do with those 2 ingredients that makes the difference.   

We offer an extensive range of pasta shapes that include: long cuts, short cuts, baking shapes, and egg noodles.

We also offer various packaging formats to suit your needs, including: carton sleeves, pillow bags of various sizes, bulk cases and totes.

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