Italpasta Soups and Rice

Italpasta Italian Soups

Are you looking to add a little warmth to your meal during the winter? Try Italpasta soups available in five varieties.  All five flavours are available on the shelf or look for them in the Italpasta displayer.

Available in 170 g.

Italpasta Traditional Milanese Style Chicken Noodle

The Italian version of Chicken Noodle Soup is an uncomplicated marvel. Bits of carrot, celery, onion, chicken and of course pasta, added to a hearty chicken a light, yet filling meal.

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Italpasta Traditional Sicilian Style Lentil Soup

The brown lentils used in the delicious Sicilian classic are embellished with small cut pasta and bits of carrots, garlic and of course, finocchio – the bulb of the fennel plant.

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Italpasta Traditional Neapolitan Style Minestrone

Minestrone (Pasta Fazool) is synonymous with the Southern Region of Italy. “Fazool” is from the Italian word “fagioli”, which means “beans”. The Neopolitans perfect this thick, three bean, multi-vegetable pasta soup which entitled them to rename the dish in their own dialect and it thus became known as “pasta fazool”.

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Italpasta Traditional Sicilian Style Split Pea Soup

In Sicilian, the word “spaccarelli” is a combination of the word “spaccare” (to break) and “piselli” (green peas). Our authentic rendition of this heart-warming split pea soup includes carrots, peas, garlic and ditali pasta. Simply delicious.

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Italpasta Traditional Tuscan Style White Bean Soup

The white bean soups of Tuscany are unforgettable… White beans in a rich, thick broth laden with the taste of vegetables such as carrots, peas, zucchini, broccoli and garlic.

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Italpasta Rice

Rice is a staple food for many different cultures and a common alternative to pasta. Italpasta offers both a long grain and a short grain rice variety to help you get creative with your meals. Look for Italpasta Superfino Arborio Rice and Italpasta Italian Style Rice at a grocer near you.


Italpasta Superfino Arborio Rice

This short-grained rice is sourced from the region of Piedmont in Italy. Typically used to create the most flavourful, classic risottos, it can also be used to make rice pudding.

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Italpasta Style Rice

Italpasta Italian Style Rice is a high quality rice grown in the United States. Try this delicious fluffy rice served with vegetables, meat, poultry or seafood to create a delicious meal every time.

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